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Your supplier for sewage treatment plants

Numberger Technologies designs and produces plant arrangements, machines and assembly groups for sewage treatment plants all over the world. During all production steps Numberger is in a close dialogue with its clients. This and the experience of our in-house-production for years provide security for our clients investments.


Water protection is an important issue all over the world. Numberger Technologies knows the way to innovative solutions and due to a profound knowledge finds appropriate process steps. So we preserve our natural resources and optimise the quality of our environment.


The range of our services includes:

  • project management
  • consulting and project improvement
  • construction and design
  • in-house production and shipping


 As an expert we offer you solutions for all subareas of sewage treatment plants as well as an extensive after-sales-service. All components can be reproduced on demand and will be delivered inner a short period.


Technology know-how in:

    • chain cleaner
    • scraper bridges
    • grates & strainer
    • conveyor technique


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