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CNC-press brake

(2 machines)

Bending 250t x 3550mm


Bending 60t x 1550mm


field of application/processing:
Stainless steel, steel and other metal material


processing dimension:
3550mm (3100mm between the C-frames)


machine pressure:
2500kN (250t)


plate 3000 mm x 6 mm, (1.4301)
U-Profile (50 mm, 20 mm, 50 mm) x 6 mm (S 235 JR)


Horizontal NC-bending

(2 machines)


Field of application/working on:
Stainless steel, steel and other metal material


Processing dimension:
Flat: 200 mm x 20 mm


Machine pressure:
360kN (36t)



Tool equipment

  • Tube bending (1/2 inch3/4 inch1 inch  1 1/4  inch1 1/2 inch)
  • V-tools
  • Spezial tools
  • Custum made tools according to clients orders




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Wolfgang Grimm

Tel.: +49 (0)8085-1899-14

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