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Flatbed laser


field of application / processing:
steel – stainless steel
- aluminium


processing dimension:
3000 mm x 1500 mm


material thickness:

20 mm steel
15 mm stainless steel
10 mm aluminium


variance of position +/- 0,10 mm
spread of position +/- 0,03 mm
minimum programmable unit: 0,01 mm


lot sizes:
for serial production, but also for single parts



  • High number of units for mass production
  • No force effect on your product
  • Contact-free processing
  • No damage of the surface
  • High cutting speed (more than 10 m/min possible)
  • Efficient for single-part and mass-production
  • Cutting of very small-sized outlines possible
  • Cutting lines free of post-processing (depending on the material)


Contact person

Wolfgang Grimm

Tel.: +49 (0)8085-1899-14

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